Aid to Civil Authority

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Disaster Management

Disaster is a natural or man made phenomenon that afflicts all countries of the World including Kenya . Our country has experienced different kinds of disasters ranging from floods, landslides, terrorism, accident on land, air and sea, droughts and diseases amongst others. Drought disaster The Kenya Army has been called upon to respond to the following: Provide relief. Provide Security. Provide and treat water. Construct dams. Provide Medical services.

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Environmental Soldier Programme

The Kenya Army Environmental Soldier Programme was launched in 2003 as part of the Kenya Army participation in and support for a national cause towards environmental conservation and management. The environmental soldier concept is a deliberate effort to sensitize and create awareness amongst service personnel for total national defence through deterrence against environmental and foreign aggression. This programme presents a successful collaborative

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Mission To provide physical security to Defence Forces installation and protect them from theft or damage and destruction by fire. Vision To continue recruitment of suitable personnel as per the new establishment in order to realize 100% manning level. Roles Provision of physical security to Defence Forces installations. Provision of fire services to Defence Forces Ordinance Depots. Breeding, training and upkeeping of guard dogs. Overall responsibilities

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Mission To research, write and publish education material, and train military personnel in academic programmes to the highest levels. Vision To strive to lead in the provision of training and academic knowledge for the achievement of military professionalism. Roles The Defence Forces Continuing Education Programme (DFCEP) has undergone evolution since 1999 when it was first launched. Under DFCEP all service personnel are eligible to undertake relevant

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Mission The primary mission of the Kenya Army Medical Battalion is to give medical support to the Kenya Army during both peacetime and operations while secondary role is to aid civil authority in the maintenance of order. Vision To provide an efficient and timely medical support to the Army both in Peacetime and Operations. Roles During war time Collection, Classification and Evacuation of casualties. Treatment of Casualties and Non-casualty ailments.

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Military Police

Mission The primary mission of the Military Police Corps is to provide quality provost support services to the Kenya Defence Forces in order to defend the Nation against external aggression, while the secondary role is the provision of aid in support to civil authority in the maintenance of Law and Order, and active participation in national ceremonial functions. Vision A Military Police Corps which is highly professional and aggressive with the

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Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Mission The Mission of the Corps of KAEME is to ensure the operational fitness of electrical and mechanical equipment of Kenya Army. Vision The vision of KAEME is to have an effective maintenance, repair and recovery organization capable of performing assigned tasks in both peace time and operation time. Roles Promotion of reliability and ease of maintenance of Army equipment from inception into the service and throughout the equipment's employment

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