School of Combat Engineers


The mission is to prepare and provide tactical techniques weapons training to officers and servicemen/women of the Kenya Army in order to promote Engineer proficiency.


To train and achieve skills that enhances professionalism of Engineers Officers, servicemen and women in order to promote Engineer proficiency in support of the Army missions and to be an Institution of Excellency in professional Engineers training.


  • To train selected Engineer Officers posted to Corps of engineer on completion of their Cadet course at AFTC and later further their training in Engineer Squadron Commanders Course.
  • To give basic Combat to selected servicemen/women posted to the Corps of Engineering prior to their posting to respective Engineer units.
  • Give subsequent combat and specialized training to all Kenya Army Engineer servicemen/women in various trades culminating into the award of class (1) and issue of the relevant Army certificate of qualification.
  • Training of selected Junior Non Commissioned Officers and Senior Non Commissioned Officers in matters pertaining Command.
  • Give further training to Engineer Officers, servicemen/women in civil Engineering leading to the ward of certificate in civil Engineering.
  • Carrying out the setting and marking of all tests and examinations towards the final grading of all candidates in the School.
  • Setting and communicating standards for combat and civil Engineering tasks for the Engineer units for the purpose of regimental training.