Defence Forces school of Higher Education (DFSHE)


The mission of Defence Forces School of Higher Education is to provide professional academic training relevant to the specific needs of the Kenya Defence Forces.


To train Defence Forces Personnel in instructional based skills, knowledge and techniques, and teach foreign languages and academic packages that will cater for the diverse needs of the Defence Forces.


  • Provision of quality teaching of instructional duties to instructors or those earmarked for instructional duties in our military schools.
  • Provision and extension of training support to Defence Forces Schools.
  • Provision of resource personnel in evaluation and validation of the curricula of Defence Forces training institutions.
  • Administer induction programmes for new commissioned Education Officers and Instructors
  • Jointly with Egerton University teach Diploma to Officer Cadets at KMA and bachelors degree in Military Science to the serving Officers in the regional centres through Distance Learning.
  • Teaching and translation of French Language in the School.
  • Provision of training programmes to those earmarked for commissioning from the ranks to help cultivate the relevant confidence and bearing for further evaluation.