Environmental Soldier Programme

The Kenya Army Environmental Soldier Programme was launched in 2003 as part of the Kenya Army participation in and support for a national cause towards environmental conservation and management. The environmental soldier concept is a deliberate effort to sensitize and create awareness amongst service personnel for total national defence through deterrence against environmental and foreign aggression. This programme presents a successful collaborative initiative between the Kenya Army and the Green Belt Movement through Prof Wangari Mathai, the 2004 Nobel Prize Laurette.

Fundamentally, the activities in the programme are soldier driven, where service personnel are voluntarily engaged in planting and nurturing of tree seedlings to sustainable levels. The climax periods for the programme are March-April and October-November, periods which coincide with local rainy seasons. The Army has continued to enhance the profile and status of the programme through deliberate sensitization activities.


The Kenya Army Personnel in a tree planting exercise at Ontulili


The Kenya Army Personnel in a tree planting exercise at Ontulili.