Operation Linda Mpaka


Operation Linda Mapaka! The Kenya military patrols Kenya Somalia BORDER …

This operation was launched on 29 th December 2006 following the breakout of hostilities in Somalia between the main protagonists in the conflict, fighters of Council of Islamic Court (SCIC) fighters and the Transitional Government Forces (TGF) supported by Ethiopian forces. The conflict was trigged by an incessant stalemate in the Khartoum talks. Fundamentally Operation Linda Mpaka is intended to ensure peace and security along the Kenya- Somalia border by denying entry into Kenya fleeing SCLC political leadership, senior commands and their fighters.

Since its inception, several arrests of key political leaders have been made. Similarly, persons wanted for their terrorists’ activities in Somalia have also been arrested and repatriated. It is envisaged that the operation will continue for sometime subject to a general pacification in the Somalia crisis.

On humanitarian civic assistance, the Kenya Army has initiated humanitarian civic initiatives targeting drilling of boreholes and the provision of medical services.